WELCOME TO PROMAG The most reliable customization of MPI & FPI we supply in NDI field.

Main Industries & Parts for Inspection

PROMAG customized solution of MPI equipment and FPI line are mainly OEM / ODM for MT and PT inspection for components and parts as the industries below:

Automotive (Especially for safety parts)

n  Engine parts

ü  Cylinder Gasket, Engine Valve and Valve Seat and Valve Spring, Push Rod, Washer, Cylinder Liner/Sleeve, Piston & Ring & Pin, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Flywheel, Rocker Arm, Shaft, Oil Seals, O Ring, Fasteners, Bolt, Screw, Nut, Bearing, Bushings, Rocker Shaft.

n  Steering parts

ü  Steering Shaft and Pitman Arm, Tie Rod End, Center Link, Drag Link, Knuckle Arm, Ball Joint, Cross Rod, Idler Arm, Rack End, Wheel Bearing.

n  Suspension parts

ü  Control Arm and shaft, Bushing, Torsion Bar, Ball Joint, Forged Parts, Inner Arm Shaft, Side Rod, Track Control Arm.

n  Brake parts

ü  Spring Brake, Brake Disk, Pad, Lining, Shoe, Drum, Caliper, Wheel Nuts, Valve.

n  Power train parts

ü  Transmission Parts and Gear, Drive Shaft, Drive Shaft Boot, Universal Joint, Auto Differential, Power Train Forged Parts, Center Bearing Support.

n  Wheel

ü  Aluminum Wheel and Rim, Nut and Bolt and Bearing.

n  Clutch

ü  Clutch Disk, Plate, Lining and Shaft.

Ø  Aerospace:

n   Engine Casing and Components Assembly, Landing Gear, Turbine, Shaft, Generator, Propeller Turbo Components, Fastener, Bolt, Casting Parts, etc.

Ø  Other Industries:

n   Oil and Gas, Rail and Track, Forging, Casting, Precision Machined Parts, Heat-treat, Powder Metallurgy, Bicycle, Crane & Hoist, Agricultural Equipment, etc.

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