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Promag LED UV light PHB-365 (handhold)

Promag LED UV light PHB-365 (HANDHOLD)


n  Dimensions: 150mm(W) * 80mm(D) *170mm (H)

n  Weight: 500 g.

n  UVA Wavelength: 365nm±3nm.

n  Power Supply for Charger: 100-240V; 50/60Hz.

n  Intensity: 10,000 μw/cm² above at 15”(38cm) distances.

n  Quick switch between UV-A and Visible light.

n  Replaceable battery:Charging time 4hrs, UV-A battery life up to 3hrs, Visible light up to 7hrs.

n  No need to warm-Up.

n  Accessories: charger x 1, replaceable battery x 1, portable case x 1, Goggle x 1.

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