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FPI System


Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) is a reliable and economical testing method in Non-destructive Inspection (NDI). This method is widely used to find surface cracks and defects that may leads to failure of structures, components and assemblies, which is detrimental to the working parts and its operation.

FPI is commonly used in high demanding industry such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation and Aerospace, to detect surface defects which are invisible to the naked eye.
PROMAG has been engaged in FPI engineers and manufactures for almost 30 years. No matter it is Water Washable or Post Emulsified, no matter it is dip immersing or electrostatic, we have successfully satisfied our client and the most important, to meet their standard as well as audit requirement.

Tank-type Semi-auto FPI Line

Our FPI (LPI) line is an integrated range of system which includes several stations and booths with their function in standard inspection process to meet clients’ specifications.

Ø  Pre-Clean and Post cleaning Stations

Ø  Stations, Tanks and Booths

Ø  Dryer

Ø  Developer Station

Ø  Rollers Conveyors

Ø  Material Handling Mechanism

Station-type semi-auto FPI Line

PROMAG, with 30-year experiences in OEM / ODM the system line, is able to customize FPI system in various manner in order to offer maximum versatility based on each client’s unique requirement.

FPI System Configuration:

Ø  One Straight Line 

Ø  U-Shape Line 

Ø  L-Shape Line 

Ø  Integrated Line

Application Choices:

Ø  Manual FPI Line

Ø  Semi-automation FPI Line

Ø  Automation FPI Line

 Automation FPI Line

If you are interested and take consideration of a penetrant inspection unit, PROMAG will make suggestion to you based on the Checklist of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Unit, and work with you to determine the proper unit to meet your facilities requirements. PROMAG is capable of helping you design a unit that is right for your application as well as your budget. 
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