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MPI Machine


Magnetic particle testing / inspection is a non-destructive testing method for locating surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

PROMAG offers a complete selection of high-quality and efficient magnetic particle inspection (MPI) equipment for every application. The MPI equipment we offer has many advantages and differentiations:

Ø  Customized application to meet clients’ inspection requirement

Ø  Efficient & versatile operation to find both surface and near-surface defects for inspection

Ø  Reliable & economical engineering for high-volume inspection applications


  • Independent control cabinet. 
  • Magnetizing current:
    • AC, DC or AC/DC switchable.
    • Rated range: 0 – 10000amp.
  • Multi-directional magnetization.
  • Part length capacity: Indicated by clients.
  • Coil output:
    • Movable or fixed.
    • 200mm, 250mm or 300mm OD for fixed coil.
    • 400mm, 450mm or 500mm ID for movable coil.
  • Duty cycle: 0.5sec. on, 2sec. off, Adjustable.
  • Touch screen PLC control system.
  • Input requirement: 220V – 460V.
  • Convenient accessory outlet available.
  • Bath application: Auto, manual or both.
  • Fluorescent light: 100W or 400W.

 Optional Features

  • Demagnetization.
  • Footswitch.
  • Easy fix black curtain for dark inspection.
  • Unit color: indicated by clients.
Please feel free to download the checklist below for the customized unit requirements and details.

Checklist of Magnetic Particle Inspection Unit 

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