WELCOME TO PROMAG The most reliable customization of MPI & FPI we supply in NDI field.


PROMAG is the professional maker from Taiwan for surface crack detecting with magnetic particle inspection (MPI)and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI). With rich experiences of inspection application, R&D and stringent quality control, these factors assure our clients that our machines and system are manufactured in accordance with worldwide standards.
For over 20 years, we have been supplying customization-based machines and systems to satisfy clients’ requirements.

The main products services are including as below:

²  Magnetic Particle Inspection machine
²  De-magnetizing coil/machine
²  Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection system
²  Fluorescent wasted water treatment
²  LED UV Lamps
²  MT & PT consumables (Fluorescent Magnetic Particles & Penetrant)
²  After services (Repair, Calibration)
²  Level III training for personnel certificate
²  Renting of MPI machine

       * MPI Inspection Machine

                  *FPI System


                    * LED LAMP



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